Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 23rd Activity

Hello Ladies,
This Wed. we will be having a pre-camp night. We will be meeting at the Church at 7. Camp is next week!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Secret Sisters Suggestions...

Secret Sisters isn't just about exchanging little gifts, it is to think of your secret sister throughout camp. Prayerfully consider if there is anything you can do or say that could help her to have the best Girls Camp ever! Think ahead to pack a small item to cheer and encourage your secret sister each day during Girls Camp. Below is a list of inexpensive ideas from the internet to inspire ideas of your own...

Cocoa and marshmallows (Styrofoam cups and sticks)

S'more fixin's

Snacks with an inspirational thought

At craft stores I have found blank 3 X 5 puzzle boards. They are still connected, you write a message to your secret sister, then break up the pieces and wrap them up. Your secret sister has to put it together to see the message. About $.99

Buy an electric switch plate cover. Use glow in the dark puff paint and write something cute like, " Let Your Light So Shine". When they turn off their light the message will glow in their room for a few minutes. Also about $.99

Make a pillow case for your secret sister with material that goes along with the camp theme. Use fabric paints to add the camp name and the year.

Bouncy Ball - "If you thought today was a ball, just wait until tomorrow!"

"I am soda-lighted to be at camp with you."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wed., June 16th YW Activity

Hello All,
This Wed. we are doing a service project out at Messiah's Ranch which is where the girls will be having camp in a few weeks. We are leaving with the YM at 5:45 to go out to the Ranch. The girls are to wear work clothes, bring gloves if possible and closed in shoes. The ranch suffered from the rain last week. But the main job we will have is working on the cafeteria-eating area. They will call as they get close to town.
Next week we will work on the camp items that still need to be done. That was to be this week but bc of the need at the ranch we are all going there. Thanks.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YW Theme

YW Theme